What It Is All About

ImageThis is a blog that will cover a variety of topics that are of interest to me.  Some of them may be of interest to you.  That’s why I am posting them here on the blog.  These topics may eventually develop into more directed pages and then perhaps if there is enough interest, into a separate blog on the topic.

My interests are fairly free range from science, college students, fiction, writing and religion to the occasional art exhibit.  By necessity, since I am on disability there is a section on saving money.  Since I am stuck at home a lot due to breathing and other issues, I use some of this time on the internet.  This allows me much more time to browse and find great things which I am going to bring to you.

I also intend to cover some local and state issues through this board.  Unfortunately, the local paper does not cover these issues in depth and I believe important things that people should know are being hidden.  These include Hayward’s schools, some of the worst in the state, crime issues, ridiculous fines and the latest nonsense involving who can give their customers a plastic bag. 

So, climb aboard and we will see where we wind up!  And don’t forget to look at the city at the bottom of the page!  Looks a lot like my neighborhood!


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